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Seeing AI launch World Preview

Sometime ago we reported on the launch of the “Good Maps Explore” app which provides internal navigation at pre-subscribed venues. Well we are now pleased to report on another app joining the world of internal route planning.

Image shows seeing Ai Logo

Seeing AI, an app which has long since been one of our favourites at Outlookers particularly for its short text and document reading features, has now launched a feature titled “World Preview” that allows a user to record a particular internal route for later use by oneself or others for navigation.
So of course with ourselves being app fanatics we had to put this new feature to the test… World Preview is the seventh item along the apps menu, once activated you are advised that you are in internal navigation mode and it gives the user three options to add a new route, find a route nearby or choose an option from all routes available.

To create a new route you head towards the starting point then you are told to hold your phone upright and rotate 360° to allow the camera to pick up recognisable features.

Once the start point has been identified you then walk the route to your destination, in the meantime the app notes the route and puts down virtual beakers. Once you have ended the route planning you then have the option to save or share this route. The sharing can be done across a number of platforms including messages, email or WhatsApp. Once you have shared the link with a friend or colleague they then have the option to share it into their own version of “Seeing AI”.

So how do we rate it? On the downside this app does require you to have your phone out as the camera is needed to make or follow the route of choice. And as a result longer routes would be battery draining. However due to the nature of this being an app for indoor navigation the safety risks of having phone visible are less relevant and with roots typically being much shorter than those generally used for external GPS battery usage shouldn’t be too much of an issue. And of course this app has the potential to make practically any venue more accessible for anyone with a visual impairment which has to be a massive plus from our perspective. Every business or organisation has the potential to roll this out and do so cheaply and with ease.

Let us know how you get on with testing this new feature and we will gladly share your reviews more widely.

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