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Android Announcements




If you missed it the end of 2023 had a lot in store for android users, with two developments.

Seeing AI an app that apple users have raved about for years made its way into the Google Play store. The app which is an OCR reader (that identifies and reads back text on printed items), a colour, light and currency detector, an identifier of products and people and also able to decipher handwriting, offers anyone living with a visual impairment yet more choice of an AI to carry out daily tasks and enrich lives. Just like on IOS the android version is free to download and use. If you have recently made the switch please let us know what you think.

The other big development was the launch of  Be My Eyes AI, an added feature to the ever popular Be My Eyes. This new AI allows users  to seek a very full and explanatory description of a particular photo or scene. Okay, so a scene preview within an app is nothing new, however what is so fantastic about this specific AI is the exemplary level of detail given by far superseding any account that would be given by a human using the naked eye.

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